The ambiguous indigo ink-stained patterned buildings make the picture-perfect Jodhpur what it is meant to be. Surrounded by true-to-life legends, the legendary city of Jodhpur, dyed in blue, reveals its most spectacular side from the towering Mehrangarh Fort. Glimpse. Jodhpur after the hermits who lived here cursed them. Arrive early for spectacular sunrises and sunsets at the beautiful white marble Jaswant Thada near the fort. Rajasthan’s famous ‘Gateway to Thar’ desert, Jodhpur is surrounded by a 10km long wall with eight gates. Start your morning with a steaming masala chai. Stroll down the tiny alleys that criss-cross the town, lined with bustling shops selling delicious snacks and children scurrying through the crowds on strange scooters honking their horns to the cows on the street. Walk to the clock tower in the center of town and visit the surrounding markets. A variety of traditional products are sold here. Umaid Bhavan Palace here in Jodhpur is his one of the largest private residences in the world. It was once the home of the royal family, part of which is now rented to the Taj Hotel.
Visit the village of Bishnoi, 30 minutes away, with animal-loving, nature-loving residents and peaceful antelope (the famous blackbuck) and deer grazing nearby (protected by the Bishnoi). An hour and a half away, Osian has magnificent ancient temples and is well worth a day trip. Un[travel] Rajasthani’s crafts, delicious food around every corner, incredible sunrises that light up forts, havelis and ancient temples, Rajasthani’s own ‘Sun City’ Jodhpur.